A personal definition of a commitment

It is a binding, but happy, response to duty. The outcome is simply the byproduct of that flow of process.

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How often do we hear people commit to the process of relationship? It could only be done by him. In an instant, we take that snapshot and call it an outcome.


If not, at least we might expect a prevailing mediocrity in such relationships. Though he was not particularly gifted in language skills, he succeeded in bearing a strong testimony to thousands of people. His acknowledgment of God and his wondrous creations intensifies.

A short time ago I attended a very special dinner meeting. An early American prophet counseled us how important our commitment is to the Savior: If we learn to commit fully to the process then the outcomes will be what they should be.

Definition of Personal commitment

This knowledge we willingly and anxiously share with the world because of the joy we feel. This is just another reason why meditation is so important. The commitment simply becomes lip service without the earnest devotion toward achieving the end.


She told her former minister that since she had been baptized as a baby, the only time she had been visited by anyone from her former church was this day, and that visit was only to inquire about her membership. The Lord described how this process works in a revelation given to the Prophet Joseph Smith in May The priesthood and the principles of the gospel have been restored to bless all who commit them into their lives.

It is at once peaceful yet compelling, for it obligates one to action. It is doing what everyone can do. As I saw him stand before the hundreds gathered that night, I thought: Very often, we utilize this word in regard to proclamations we may make about the seriousness of our relationships.

It helps you focus more entirely on achieving the commitments you make to yourself or to others. When we are committed to him, we bind him to bless us, for he said: Can any member forget the story told yesterday by Elder Perry about an anxious prophet-father, Alma, who received the blessing of a changed son?

After the session the General Authority met the man. For example, what might happen if we committed to working on and sustaining our levels of emotional intimacy and learning the necessary tools to support that process?There are numerous definitions for the word “commitment.” The most basic definition is that of an “act of voluntarily taking on and fulfilling obligations.” This is actually further specified as a “personal” commitment, as opposed to a professional or organizational commitment.

A personal commitment to this priority is paramount. Nothing can surpass the inner security of having one’s family committed to God. A busy father, businessman, and Church leader told me a few years ago that he loved his family so much that he made this commitment: he would give several nights each week and part of every Saturday to them.

Sep 20,  · Best Answer: Personal commitment is the act or quality of voluntarily taking on or fulfilling obligations.

What makes personal commitment "personal" is the voluntary aspect. In particular, it is not necessary that a personal commitment relate to personal interestsStatus: Resolved.

A “personal commitment” is an obligation that you have voluntarily agreed to fulfill. The key thing is that you have volunteered your time or attention to this task. With out commitment, could motivation gives out-puts to us?

What Does Commitment Mean to You?

My advice to the psychologists, including me is to concentrate on concentration rather attending to attention, and commit to commitment. Commitment is more than just a mental exercise, it is a personal quality, a “trait of sincere and steadfast fixity of purpose.” When combined with a clear declaration of intention, commitments help bring about a sense of meaningful purpose in your life.

A personal definition of a commitment
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