Airasia first mover advantage

The diffusion of innovation can diminish the first-mover advantages over time, through workforce mobility, publication of research, informal technical communication, reverse engineering, and plant tours. When a firm establishes itself on a certain plot of land, it can gain full control of the market incorporated within that land, thereby holding on to that power for a long period of time.

Another six As are slated to be added ingiving Thai AirAsia the capacity to maintain its share of the market as new LCCs enter. Later Airasia first mover advantage would benefit from these informed buyers and would not need to spend that much on educating consumers.

But ultimately AirAsia X only exists because of a licensing agreement with AirAsia that comes up for renewal in For example, Wal-Mart was able to locate their stores in small towns and prevent others from entering the market. AirAsia X will continue to face intense competition Southeast Asia has become an intently competitive market, forcing AirAsia X to cut fares as it rapidly added capacity.

The current four-hour rule puts AirAsia X at a strategic disadvantage while the licensing agreement poses a long-term risk. China presents AirAsia X with huge opportunities for expansion China has been a challenging market in recent months as outbound visitor numbers to Southeast Asia plummeted due to a combination of the MH incident and political instability in Thailand.

But full service carriers, as well as other long-haul low-cost competition now emerging, will be keen to exploit weaknesses and make life difficult for AirAsia X.

Fuel prices have increased since AirAsia X was established, making longer routes challenging and reducing the portion of costs that can be controlled. Philippines AirAsia is still currently only operating two As, an indication of its failure to gain traction in the competitive Philippine market.

Like its Malaysian sister carrier, Thai AirAsia was still able to improve operating profits. New relationships with Chinese online travel agencies have particularly helped AirAsia X push into one-stop markets ex-China.

The first mover advantage refers to an advantage gained by a company that first introduces a product or service to the market.

AirAsia faces challenges throughout Southeast Asia as competition continues to intensify

Consequently, AirAsia X gains a disproportionate cost improvement as fuel prices fall, both giving the airline an advantage when competing head to head with full service airlines and in terms of the range that can be flown commercially.

Over time, users grow accustomed to a certain product and its functions, as well as the company that produces the products. Although the starters in a FMA market have complete control for a period of time, the competition still remains, trying to chase the originators.

Examples of Successful Companies That Were Not First Movers Listed below are 3 companies that were not first movers in their respective markets, but have now grown to become some of the biggest companies in the world: The rapid expansion, however, is likely putting pressure on yields.

Most recently it has been unprofitable in three consecutive quarters including a MYR million USD 40 million net loss in 2Q, which was over three times the loss from 2Q There is some overlapping ownership and there are synergies which clearly benefit both companies. They used a learning-based preemption to help invest in low-priced European synthetic fiberwhich helped keep costs down, and allowed for selling the diapers profitably at a cheaper price.

The imprecision of the definition has certainly named undeserving firms as pioneers in certain industries,[ citation needed ] which has led to some debate over the real concept of first-mover advantage.The first mover advantage refers to an advantage gained by a company that first introduces a product or service to the market.

The first mover advantage allows a company to establish strong brand recognition and product/service loyalty before other entrants. First movers may have a sustainable advantage when there is a high cost involved for customers to switch brands at a later date.


First Mover Advantage

There are also some disadvantages to being a first mover, such as: First movers bear the economic burden of developing a new market that followers into the market can exploit.

Followers into the market can learn from the mistakes of the first movers, allowing. AirAsia has the first-mover advantage in South East Asia. AirAsia remained focused on domestic destinations but have since ventured into international destinations.

AirAsia will need to leverage its cost advantages over competitors more significantly. It would be challenging for other carriers to replicate this given AirAsia’s first mover advantage and economies of scale.

Strongest branding among the low cost carriers in Asia. AirAsia has the most well-established branding among the low cost carriers in Asia which enables it to gain customer traction more easily, particularly on international routes.

Acting as a trailblazer will give AirAsia first-mover advantage, though it could also ease the way for rivals as it works with the government to establish the steps needed for an overseas carrier to win operating approval, Fernandes said. Strengths 1. Frist mover advantage: low-cost long-haul flights As many other airlines and direct competitors of AirAsia X (such as MaxJet and EOS airlines from US and Oasis from Hong Kong) try to target the middle and upper middle class, AirAsia X targets also low income people with less disposable money, to whom international flights are still the luxury%(1).

Airasia first mover advantage
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