An argument in favor of cloning and organ donation in the united states

With humans, a more complex organism, it is estimated for the cloning of a human to cost over 50 million dollars when considering all the research, test trials, and services btech.

Consciously or unconsciously, selfish and other base motives arise within us continually, and without countervailing influences, there is nothing in an autonomy outlook to ensure that the well-being of others will be protected.

Some Christian writers, such as Allen Verhey, have helpfully observed that autonomy, understood in a particular way, is a legitimate biblical notion. People often respond to the prospect of human cloning in two ways. We are developing the genetic understanding and capability to shape the human genetic code in many ways.

The tissues that begin to mature in this xenogeneic system might then be harvested, and the human cells isolated and transferred into the person to be treated so that full maturation and vascularization i.

For this reason, it is timely to consider how organ function might be replaced in the future. Is the donor of the genetic material automatically the parent? This would quickly lead to overpopulation. However, he said it was important for the future of regenerative medicine that research into therapeutic cloning should continue.


Although it is easy to forget this basic point when enticed by the promise of a wonderful benefit, we intuitively know it is true. However, one of the purposes of this research is to reduce the cost of therapeutic cloning and organs to enable them to be more readily available.

Although in theory I should respect the autonomy of others as I live out my own autonomy, in practice an autonomous mindset predisposes me to be unconcerned about how my actions will affect others.

There is no plausible way to undertake human cloning at this point without a major loss of human life. Stimulated to divide by the application of electrical energy, this egg--now embryo--is guided by its new genetic material to develop as a being who is genetically almost identical to the being from which the nucleus was taken.

We cannot know all of the ways that a practice will affect all people in the world infinitely into the future. No need for a second party surgery 5. The experiment entailed patients injected with corrective genes to replace the missing or defective ones.

More specifically, such freedom requires the framework in which autonomy is under God, not over God, a framework in which respecting freedom is not just wishful or convenient thinking that gives way as soon as individuals or society as a whole have more to gain by disregarding it.

We are more impressed with the gross national product than with the original creation.

Breakthrough in human cloning offers new transplant hope

Approaches to the replacement of the function of failing organs. The third, while also influential, helpfully opens the door to theological reflection as well.

An honest, complete autonomy-based evaluation of human cloning would have to consider the autonomy of all persons involved, including the people produced through cloning, and not just the autonomy of researchers and people desiring to have clones.

Situations such as Nazi Germany and American slavery can be justified using this way of thinking. It looks neither to God for the way that he has intended human beings to be procreated and raised by fathers and mothers who are the secondary, that is, genetic source of their life; nor does it look primarily to the needs of the one being procreated.

So we more commonly talk in terms of re"production" rather than pro"creation. Therapeutic cloning also plays a great cost to the adoption or orphans. Organ transplantation in Japan The rate of organ donation in Japan is significantly lower than in Western countries.

Human fetal tissue is not suitable for this purpose. The non-living donor is kept on ventilator support until the organs have been surgically removed. Sri Lanka Eye Donation Societya non-governmental organization established in has provided over 60, corneas for corneal transplantationfor patients in 57 countries.

Therapeutic Cloning

The Destiny Justification As noted near the outset of the chapter, there is a third type of proposed justification for human cloning which moves us more explicitly into the realm of theological reflection: Biological implications of cell fusion.

The second variable is the set of applications and new technologies that will be available to replace those organs. This will naturally cause an increase in the overall population.

This is the kind of aspiring to be God for which God has consistently chastised people, and for which God has ultimately wreaked havoc on many a society and civilization.

For the experiment to be ethical, there would need to be therapeutic benefit to the clone so huge as to outweigh the substantial likelihood of the death or deformity that occurred in the Dolly experiment.

Such confusion will impair their psychological and social well being--in fact, their very sense of identity. Unfortunately, adult cells are limited in their application. In fact, Richard Seed, in one of his first in-depth interviews after announcing his intentions to clone human beings commercially, made this very argument.

The Rising Prospect of Human Cloning It was no longer ago than when the president of the United States first challenged the nation and charged his National Bioethics Advisory Commission 2 to give careful thought to how the United States should proceed regarding human cloning.Human cloning has been used to create stem cells for adults for the first time in a breakthrough which could lead to tissue and organs being regrown.

Using the cloning technique which produced Dolly the sheep inresearchers were able for the first time to turn adult human skin cells into stem cells, which can grow into any type of tissue in the body.

Though the organ and tissue donation market are highly regulated in the United States, underhanded dealings between shadowy operators are not unheard of. It's illegal in the U.S., and most other nations, to offer or receive compensation for an organ donation.

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Organ donation

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Awareness about organ donation leads to greater social support for organ donation, in turn leading to greater registration. By starting with promoting college students’ awareness of organ donation and moving to increasing social support for organ donation, the.

Hilmert, Laura J. () "Cloning Human Organs: Potential Sources and Property Implications,"Indiana Law Journal: Vol. Iss. 2, Article Rates ofcadaveric organ donation in the United States remain low, with only half of all eligible donors actually donating organs.

Id. Organ donation arguments for and against - Is organ donation compulsory? No. Whether you donate your organ is entirely up to you. Organ donation arguments for and against - Is organ donation compulsory?

No. make your feelings known to your family and next of kin. In the United States your organs will not be removed without your.

An argument in favor of cloning and organ donation in the united states
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