An examination of issues of student athletes and school obligations

Many athletes do not attend college to learn, but rather hope to use their collegiate competitive athletic experience to land positions on professional sports teams Ladenson, The NCAA claims that student-athletes are classified as such for a few very important reasons. The financial liability of institutions and personnel for retaliation has in many cases been greater than the damages for the substantive violation of law that had initially motivated the complainant.

Using the same standard employed in sexual harassment cases, courts have tended to find school and athletics personnel vicariously liable in those situations where the official had knowledge that hazing was occurring and exhibited deliberate indifference to immediately correcting the situation.

Retaliation Against Complainants In the decade since the ruling by the U. The incidence of complaints and lawsuits illustrates the need for school and athletics administrators to ensure that they have a thorough understanding of the Title IX regulatory framework, including the expectations of both the OCR and the federal courts with regard to compliance.

Supreme Court precedents, courts have tended to find school and athletics personnel vicariously liable in those instances where the official had knowledge that the harassment was occurring and exhibited deliberate indifference to correcting the situation. Although Title IX has become best known for its application to athletic programs to ensure equitable treatment of female and male student-athletes, including parity in sports participation opportunities and equivalence in the other benefits ancillary to involvement in athletics, the broader purpose of the statute is to prohibit gender discrimination of any type in educational programs and activities, including bias against pregnant and parenting students.

With collegiate athletics becoming a big business the rules associated with how we treat the student athlete must change. A student-athlete suspended for inappropriate criticism of a coach often challenges claiming a violation of his or her First Amendment freedom of speech.

He found that although all successfully adapted to their new social and athletic lives, only two of eleven By failing to adequately prepare our student-athletes the institution also fails to serve this important function.

Although preferential treatment may be given to certain student-athletes in order for them to be able to attend and complete an academic program and play for the athletic department, many believe it can be justified.

Study Offers Insight Into Challenges College Athletes Face

He suggests that institutions should no longer make admissions exceptions; eliminate freshman eligibility; provide remedial classes and training; reduce time demands; allow athletes the freedom to transfer schools whenever they would like; give them the right to consult with agents just like coaches are able to; and give them the right to make money from endorsements, speeches, etc.

Most of the state laws contain three common tenets: They do this by remaining academically in good standing and by also not receiving any pay or gifts for their performance or presence as a student-athlete.

Suspension for failing a drug test often brings a Fourth Amendment search and seizure challenge. On one hand, it can be argued that the student-athlete benefits greatly from the relationship that he or she has with the athletic department and its stakeholders.

No person in the United States shall, on the basis of sex, be excluded from participation in, be denied the benefits of, or be subjected to discrimination under any education program or activity receiving Federal financial assistance.

It is interesting to note who benefits from this enormous amount of money. For example, a school might need to provide a larger desk, allow seating close to classroom doors to facilitate more frequent bathroom trips or permit temporary use of elevators.

Mental health issues a huge challenge for NCAA in regard to student-athletes

Considering the huge amounts of money that are generated each year in this industry, it would only be fair if the student-athletes were all paid a monthly stipend for their participation.

A suspension for attendance at a party where alcohol is served often results in a First Amendment freedom of assembly challenge. School districts must adopt and widely communicate to staff, students and parents grievance procedures for filing complaints of any form of gender bias under Title IX, including discrimination related to pregnancy or parental status.

Birmingham Board of Education that retaliation against an individual who complains about violations of Title IX in a school setting is itself a separate violation of Title IX, a flood of retaliation lawsuits have been filed against educational institutions.

McCormick and McCormick claim that student-athletes at Division 1 NCAA sports at revenue generating schools are actually employee-athletes and they argue that they should be able to profit as well. A closely related issue is the failure by school officials in many instances of alleged sexual harassment of student-athletes who are minors to follow the requirements of state child abuse reporting laws regarding mandatory reports to law enforcement or child protective services agencies.

They need more downtime. School personnel seeking guidance on the issue might consult a position paper titled On The Team: The inclusion of transgender students in the new guidance reflects evolving legal standards nationwide, both through laws enacted by state legislatures and via policies implemented by state associations.Tight-knit student athletes will seek ways of fitting into a culture that they perceive as neglecting academics (by defaulting into majors of dubious merit and spending less time doing homework.

The student-athletes and mental health experts interviewed largely agreed on the solutions to the mental health epidemic. First, the sports community needs to further the dialogue to stamp out the. A new study from North Carolina State University sheds light on how some collegiate student-athletes deal with uncertainties ranging from excelling in both school and sports to their career prospects outside of athletics, and urges university athletic programs to adopt new efforts to support student-athletes.

Student Athletes Essay Examples. 30 total results. An Introduction to the Issue of the Pay for Student Athletes. The Onus of Being a Student Athlete in College. words. An Examination of Issues of Student Athletes and School Obligations.

words. Student-athletes entering their first year hold more responsibilities than the non-athletic participating student, and it may be more difficult for them to transition through changes in athletic participation demands on top of the new social and academic changes.

To assist school administrators in understanding the nuances of their legal obligations, on June 25,the U.S. Department of Education’s Office for Civil Rights (OCR) issued a Dear Colleague Letter (DCL) on the topic, along with a page Policy Guidance detailing the specific mandates of the Title IX Regulations regarding pregnant and.

An examination of issues of student athletes and school obligations
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