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The Atherley Law Firm is a hybrid of the traditional brick and mortar law firm and a virtual office. The Atherley Law Firm locations and office hours are as follows: We encourage our clients to pay directly through their emailed invoice or to utilize our convenient, and Atherley case study client payment portal on our website.

We generally can accurately estimate how much time we will need to spend to assist you in certain immigration matters.

This service is only for those clients that prepare and file their own immigration applications but still may need guidance as they navigate through the difficult immigration application process. Rather, you only pay a percentage of your monetary award if your claim is successful via trial or settlement.

However, we accept in-office payments, as well as credit card payments processed over the phone. Following the initial phone consultation, we offer our flat-rate document review service that allows an attorney to review your self-completed immigration documents by an immigration attorney.

When we take a case on a contingency basis, you pay nothing upfront and are not charged an hourly rate. Generally, the type of fee arrangement offered depends on the practice area. We recognize that success of our law firm depends on the success of our clients.

When selecting the right law firm, it is extremely important to have trustworthy legal representation on your side that will look out for your best interests. Realistically, between court appearances, consultations, and meeting with other clients and staff, an attorney may not always be immediately available.

At the Atherley Law Firm we can arrange flat fee, retainers with an hourly fee, contingency fee, and in rare cases — hybrid fee agreements. Payment Plans Available In our current economic climate, we understand that in certain circumstances attorney fees are not always readily available.

Online Scheduling System Potential and current clients can now schedule meeting times, phone consultations, or in-person case evaluations directly on our website. Why are we different? At the Atherley Law Firm, we listen to our clients needs, explain the complexities of the law in a way our clients understand, develop an individualized plan of action, and place an emphasis on delivering practical and effective legal solutions.

While it is no secret that attorneys are generally not inexpensive, as a small boutique law firm, we strive to provide our clients with affordable legal services through upfront billing, various payment method options, payment plans and document review services.

If you decide to hire us after your consultation, we require an initial retainer advanced fee based on the level of complexity of the case. Once you pay your initial retainer and provide the signed fee agreement, you are then billed against that retainer held in a trust account at an hourly rate that corresponds with the work done on your case, as well as any fees incurred.

Document Review Services With affordability in mind, the Atherley Law Firm offers a flat-rate document review service for specific immigration applications where full service representation is not needed.

If and when the retainer is exhausted, you are required replenish the amount as specified in your signed fee agreement. The decision to offer a payment plan is generally based on the complexity and type of case. The Atherley Law Firm was established on the principles of affordability, availability, and accountability.

All law firms are not created equal. We offer flat-fee rates with no guesswork or hidden fees for you. This amount is not a flat fee. For more information on our document review services click here.

If there is money available at the conclusion of your case, we will refund the balance to you. The Atherley Law Firm offers payment plans on a case-by-case basis. No one enjoys receiving unexpected or unanticipated bills or invoices.

While we maintain a physical office as well as a satellite office, our systems are constructed around the sophistication, mobility, and flexibility of a virtual law firm.An athlete case study based on an Academy Rugby League Player.

This presentation was delivered as part of a MSc module. The Atherley Law Firm is a relationship oriented and client-centered law practice. We believe the key to our client’s success stems from building solid relationships through teamwork and open communication. The Atherley Law Firm believes in sitting down with potential clients and providing an honest case evaluation to determine whether your case has merit, what risks and challenges are associated with pursuing your case, and whether we are able to help you pursue your case.

The Implementation of a Positive Behaviour Management Programme in a Primary Classroom: a case study CAROLE ATHERLEY University of Nottingham; correspondence address: 29 Stonecroft Road, Totley Rise, The quantitative results of the positive behaviour management programme are.

View Homework Help - Atherley Business Policy Case Study from BUS at Sheridan College. Business Policy Case Study: Atherley Furniture Company Prepared By: Connor Phillips, Nicholas Caterina,%(11). Free Essay: Atherley Case Key events John Atherley is the owner of Atherley Furniture Company located near Orillia, Ontario.

In recent years the progression.

Atherley case study
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