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The secondary environment of a child can influence a lot with the child. For instance, as an infant, he or she learns trust within his or her environment.

The global layer is less influential in terms a child. The infant depends on the caretaker to meet his or her needs and a special bond is developed. This perspective is best when you view each aspect as a layer, the further distance away from the client the less they have an influence on that individual.

It is imperative for the human service professional to understand the client and how each element has affected or influenced that problem or problems of living. If these influences are negative then the outcome as Client paper child grows into adulthood could become negative.

Get Access Client Paper Essay Sample The client of human services can be defined by the nature of the problems that exist in their individual, family or group situation. When problems exist that causes a client to experience trouble or discomfort it is essential that human service professionals are able to identify those problems and provide a course of action to resolve those problems.

They can be led through pressures into a gang or tempted with drugs because that is the environmental influence they are seeing every day. In doing so the helper must be proficient in the helping skills and how specific skills are able to meet the needs of that client.

Specific helping skill that is essential for the helper and client is communication. These factors Client paper those such as international, regional, or global changes.

Although in certain circumstances these can lead to influences they are less than that of the family and social interaction layers. The last perspective in identifying problems of a client is the Client paper influence perspective.

With the societal Client paper perspective, problems are experienced by clients as a result of sudden changes in society that leaves individuals in unfamiliar situations. Companies are evolving with the technological times of today therefore forcing individuals out of the factories and businesses they have been secure in at one point.

There are other individuals and groups that fall into the problem of homelessness due to societal changes such as, veterans and children. Due to the underfunding and budget cuts these mental health facilities have been forced to put these individuals out faster and unprepared causing them to either end up in the criminal justice system or on the streets of communities.

If a client receives negative verbal or nonverbal messages the process will turn immediately negatively and cause the client to mistrust the helper or worse yet not return for help. These messages can be viewed in many different cultural context and thus being important for the helper to know the cultural background of their client.

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This theory states that if that infant does not experience this stage entirely they will find it difficult trusting others in life.

There are verbal and nonverbal messages that can exchanged in effective communication. In this perspective the individual may have not done anything to contribute to or cause them to occur, responsibility begins once this problem has occurred and identified as an issue.

As you have read problems can be viewed in many different perspectives, the range of problems can be those occurring during the stages of their development; problems from situations such as car accidents, violent crimes, or natural disasters; a hierarchy of needs; societal changes and environmental influences.

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In examining a client after they have been violently assaulted there are problems that exist because of the assault. In understanding this essential part of human service, the helper can fully understand what exactly can help the client and what helping skills can be utilized.

The developmental perspective theorizes that individuals engage in certain tasks or activities at different points in their lives. In this Client paper, I will discuss the range of problems facing these clients and what helping skills can be used by the helper in order to help the client.

These developmental stages occur from the day an individual is conceived until the day of their death. It was later suggested by Brammer and MacDonald that these hierarchy of needs could be divided into two categories: An Introduction to Human Services. It is important Client paper the client that the helper be able to identify and put into action a resolution and they complete this by communicative skills, listening skills, and problem solving skills.

A middle layer of influences in terms of a child are those represented by neighborhood, social organizations, and faith based organizations in which they are involved with. This perspective says that if a person is unable to provide themselves with the physiological needs such as food or shelter, they would not be able to focus on other needs such as protection or even concentrate on the love and belonging needs.

If a child lives in a drug, gang, and crime infested neighborhood this influence can lead a child into the same choices as a young adult. In conclusion, clients become part of the human service delivery system because a range of problems that have affected their ability to live a better life. The problems that occur within these stages of life of an individual dictate how well they meet a later stage.

Problems are a part of everyday life, they can come and go and be major or minor. Care and warmth is shown during this stage between the caretaker and infant.

The feelings of anger, fear, shame, and questioning their own actions can occur.Client Paper Client Paper Timberly R. Hobson-Carter University of Phoenix Introduction Human services clients face a wide range of problems such as drug and alcohol addiction, domestic abuse, mental and physical issues as well as family issues or dysfunctional.

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