Communitarianism the best political ideology

It can also be argued that republicanism fails to resonate because East Asians typically place more emphasis on other forms of communal life—the family in particular has been important theme in Confucian ethical theory and practice relative to Western philosophy.


But some of our ends may be problematic and that is why we have a fundamental interest in being able to question and revise them. Civil society and democracy are not generally characteristic of authoritarian regimes. A small communitarian faction within the Republican Party also exists.

Universalism Versus Particularism Communitarians have sought to deflate the universal pretensions of liberal theory. After studying his dissertation, his early internationally published works, and his philosophical musings, we compared his early works to his later published communitarian works.

We have nothing to fear if two or three countries will be formed in the area now called Iraq. Early communitarians were charged with being, in effect, social conservatives.

So, the conclusion is, yes, community is valuable—at least as valuable as the need for freedom, if not more so[ 23 ]. This is not necessarily meant to challenge the liberal view that some of our communal attachments can be problematic and may need to be changed, thus that the state needs to protect our powers to shape, pursue, and revise our own life-plans.

What is a Communitarian?

The most advanced experiment in building a supranational community is the European Union EU. Its members formulated a platform based on their shared political principles, and the ideas in it were eventually elaborated in academic and popular books and periodicals, gaining thereby a measure of political currency, mainly in the West.

Rights and responsibilities Responsive communitarianism may be considered a synthesis of both liberal and academic-communitarian concerns. Bell and Hahm C. This excludes contingent attachments such as golf-club memberships, that do not usually bear on ones sense of identity and well-being the co-authors of Habits of the Heart Bellah et al.

On the continuum between freedom and community, communitarians are more inclined to draw the line towards the latter. Scholars of this kind of communitarianism included the American political theorist Russell A.

Communitarians can remind Confucians that their philosophy may be more appropriate in certain settings than others, and that they should allow for the possibility of morally legitimate alternatives in different contexts.

This has led to the quest for more-encompassing communities. Progressives in the American sense, social democrats or democratic socialists in the European sense, generally share the communitarian position on issues relating to the economy and government intervention and market control, such as the need for environmental protection through regulation and public education, but not on cultural issues.

In Western liberal democracies, this typically translates into various nation-building exercises meant to nourish the bonds of commonality that tie people to their nations, such as national service and national history lessons in school textbooks. President Barack Obama gave voice to communitarian ideas and ideals in his book The Audacity of Hope[14] and during the presidential election campaign he repeatedly called upon Americans to "ground our politics in the notion of a common good," for an "age of responsibility," and for foregoing identity politics in favor of community-wide unity building.

Thus, it was easy to dismiss—rightly so, in most cases—the Asian challenge as nothing but a self-serving ploy by government leaders to justify their authoritarian rule in the face of increasing demands for democracy at home and abroad.

In this sense, community is linked to locality, in the physical, geographical sense of a community that is located somewhere.

Rick Santorum is an example of a communitarian Republican. In this context, it may well be counter-productive to place too much emphasis on the moral qualities of family life[ 22 ]. Etzioni, for example, argues for a whole host of pro-family measures: Bellahamong others drafted and published The Responsive Communitarian Platform [12] based on their shared political principles, and the ideas in it were eventually elaborated in academic and popular books and periodicals, gaining thereby a measure of political currency in the West.

This trend has been reinforced by increasing globalization, which pressures states into conforming to the dictates of the international marketplace. Communitarian ideas have also played a significant role in public life through their incorporation into the electoral platforms and policies of Western political leaders of the late 20th and early 21st centuries, including British Prime Minister Tony BlairDutch Prime Minister Jan Peter Balkenende, and U.Ideological Communitarianism can be seen as a radical centrist ideology (a third way philosophy which includes the belief that, in affirming the core principles involved on both sides of a political argument, the disagreement can be resolved or rendered moot).

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Communitarianism - the best political ideology? is quite a rare and popular topic for writing an essay, but it certainly. Communitarianism is a recent development in political ideology that is viewed by many as a criticism of liberalism.

It draws on ideas from previous schools of.

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In Political Liberalism, (Rawls ) he argues in a communitarian vein that his conception of the person as impartial citizen provides the best account of liberal-democratic political culture and that his political aim is only to work out the rules for consensus in political communities where people are willing to try for consensus.

Communitarianism: Communitarianism, social and political philosophy that emphasizes the importance of community in the functioning of political life, in the analysis and evaluation of political institutions, and in understanding human identity and well-being. It arose in the s as a critique of two prominent.

In moral and political philosophy, communitarians are best known for their critiques of John Rawls' political liberalism, but have all taken pains to distance themselves from the political ideology known as communitarianism, which is discussed further below.

Communitarianism the best political ideology
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