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Customers were having Dennis arrested as a tactic to avoid debts they owed him. In reality, the electric companies were perpetrating a huge fraud upon the public, and Dennis threatened to ruin the racket.

Dennis just went for sales, stacking up contracts. By that time, Dennis had done everything he could think of to get the electric companies interested in his heat pump. What did you do? They refused to even come out of the building. Until one has seen the shark tank of American capitalism up close, one might think that something like that would take off immediately.

The facts of life he witnessed contradicted the myth that he had been raised with, and he came to his stark realization in that bank. As a favor to a friend, he allowed somebody to display a solar system at his mall show, but put it in a dark corner, as he was more interested in selling his foam insulation and other energy-saving technologies.

Dennis had no idea how fanatical, narrow-minded, and intolerant his new Christian brethren could be. Also, if a home or business uses electricity for heating, electric companies can give preferential pricing. They called in their favors.

Soon after Den nis got into the business, it became obvious that the way that LamCo heat pumps were installed were inadequate for the level of sales that Dennis had in mind. The so-called pyramid aspect of it was partly what made it work, but the evangelist pulled out of the contract.

The LamCo-style heat pump did the opposite: An air-to-air heat pump held a few pounds of refrigerant; the LamCo-style heat pump held 60 pounds. He received what was probably intentionally bad legal advice, and knuckled under to the prosecutor trying to keep his kill ratio high.

He thought he just might build that industry for the superior technology, as he had dreamed of for several years by that time.

Team Quest

For instance, Richard Bach declined authorship of Jonathan Livingston Seagull for many years, and then Seth set him straight. He got a different bank to finance the tax credits for his SFS deals. The sc ientist said there was something wrong with the data, and that the COPs the system could attain should be higher than what the literature said.

A famous doctor took Dennis under his wing and convinced him not to become one. Colorado Cowboy helped steal hundreds of thousands of dollars from Dennis as they collapsed LamCo, Dennis finally got the attention of somebody who understood.Current Events Presentation: Team Quest Lawsuit Kris West BA William Bloom 01/26/ Current Events Presentation: Team Quest Lawsuit A current event that is of significant interest is the lawsuit between Dan Henderson and Matt Lindland over trademark rights to the famous Team Quest Fight Club.

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[1] Much of this narrative can be found in Dennis’s writings, particularly My Quest and The Alternative. My Quest was written from his jail cell, while The Alternative was written soon after he was released from prison.

My Quest is no longer available as ofto my knowledge, but The Alternative is available from as of Warren, NJ (October 26, ) – MonoSol Rx, LLC (“MonoSol Rx”), the developer of PharmFilm® drug delivery technology, today announced that it has filed a second amended complaint in its litigation.

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Current events presentation team quest lawsuit
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