Grade 11 accounting sports clubs

They must also have good interpersonal skills to work with other members of the management team and with employees who provide financial information, such as stadium managers or marketing executives. In1, people were employed in the U. Accountants work with marketing executives to evaluate and monitor advertising and sponsorship deals.

The Wharton Sports Business Academy offers a program that examines academic disciplines, such as management, law, negotiation, marketing and leadership as they apply to sports.

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Accounting students may also be able to obtain internships with sports clubs or gain experience as volunteers with amateur or youth sports clubs. They require good communication skills to present complex financial information and recommendations to the sports club managers, owners and sponsors.

They manage payroll for players, coaches, trainers, medical staff, club executives and part-time security and ticket staff who work in the stadium during games.

Experience Previous experience as an accountant can help career opportunities, particularly if you have experience in another sports organization. Responsibilities These accountants must be able to apply their professional skills to the environment of a sports team.

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A number of organizations offer higher education qualifications, such as an MBA in Sports Management. They must have good attention to detail so that they can create accurate records and forecasts.

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Skills Accountants must have excellent math, computing and analytical skills to interpret and evaluate financial performance, and to identify problems, such as high wage costs or falling sponsorship revenue, that could put the sports club at risk.

They may also have to account to tax authorities for the complex earnings of top players, which include appearance money, image rights and sponsorships, in addition to salary and game bonuses. Employers may also require certification, such as the qualification of Certified Public Accountant.

Pay Wage levels vary with the size of the sports club. Bureau of Labor Statistics. In large, professional sports clubs, accountants make an important contribution to the success of the club by ensuring that it has the funds to attract and retain top players and coaches.Criteria: All Types; Any Curriculum; Languages; Any Subject; Any Year; Grade: Grade 11.


This question paper comprises SIX compulsory questions. Clubs and Stock systems LO1 AS2 Clubs: ledger accounts and interpretation LO3 AS4 AS6. Mindset Learn supports teachers and learners in accessing and delivering the curriculum. Check in daily to watch high quality South African curriculum aligne.

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2 SECTION 1 NATIONAL CURRICULUM AND ASSESSMENT POLICY STATEMENT FOR ACCOUNTING Background The National Curriculum Statement Grades R Grade 11 Concepts related to partnerships and non-profit organisations .

Grade 11 accounting sports clubs
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