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Line, real or imagined, established by the writer, upon which the letters rest. One of four basic connective strokes.

Depends on many factors; affected by nervous temperament, training, and practice with writing instrument. Middle zone measured from baseline to top of letter such as a, o, etc. Gap in letter or word, caused by mental hesitation or lapse of thought; also by crossing t or dotting i.

Most common are garlands, arcades, angles, and thread. Energy applied to writing instrument producing an impression on the paper and revealing embossing on the back side. Freedom of movement in the writing, as opposed to contraction. Upper and lower zones are measured in proportion to middle zone.

Mended, touched up letters originally written incorrectly; attempt to make a letter form more legible.


Consistency in middle zone height, in the distance between down-strokes, and in the slant of the writing. Cluster or group of graphic characteristics that commonly occur together. Readable, clear writing even when parts are taken out of context. One of four basic connective links in writing, angles force an abrupt change of direction that breaks the flow of the writing movement.

Used in interpreting pressure, pastosity, and lower zone activity. Produces thickness, darkness, sharpness, and shading in the writing. Use of the extensor muscles provides writing release. Consistent repetition or excessive regularity of any letter form. Division of writing into three zones was developed in the s by Max Pulver, Swiss graphologist.

Soft ink mass appearing more or less consistently throughout the writing, caused by a hesitation in the writing motion. One of four basic connective links in writing. Similar upper and lower zone extensions giving a balanced look to the writing.handwriting analysis meaning: the examination of someone's writing as a way of learning about the type of person they are.

On-line Handwriting Trait Dictionary

Learn more. Harmony: Rhythmic handwriting with free and continuous flow of movement; lack of extremes or imbalances in arrangement, form, or movement. Horizontal expansion: Expansion of writing from left to right; measurable expanse of 20 units (letter, space, or punctuation mark).

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Definition of handwriting in the Legal Dictionary - by Free online English dictionary and encyclopedia.

Dictionary of Handwriting Analysis Terms

What is handwriting? Meaning of handwriting as a legal term. Handwriting analysis is a simple and practical way to analyze [a person] since handwriting is readily available for interpretation. Handwriting Analysis Dictionary. 1 Lower Loops PROPORTIONAL LOWER LOOP WITH AN UP AND DOWN STROKE BALANCE LINE VALUES, TANGIBLE, HARMONIOUS sense of proportion, can see balance and symmetry in personal relationships and in physical surroundings, coordinates facts INFLATED LOWER.

Handwriting analysis dictionary
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