Iberia express tiene business plan

The flight attendant liked to put wipes everywhere Coke instead of coffee again for me. They seemed to be very happy and proud of their jobs. If I had to compare between Iberia Express with Iberia mainline, I think that many details that made Business more special have been removed, such as menus, choices for the meal, real cutlery, magazines… But in any case I think Iberia Express still have a nice product, as punctuality and service are really good, and in my return flight, the latter was really outstanding.

I chose orange juice and then I was given a bag of nuts with a wipe. Later on the flight the captain made iberia express tiene business plan announcement informing about the route, flying altitude ft, quite high for an intra-European routeweather, etc.

Iberia (IB)

The land was green, the lakes were full and the effect made by the rays of sun between the clouds was amazing. Thank you for your reading, I hope you have enjoyed as much as I did making the trip.

I got several rounds of water without asking for them, she was also very careful with the presentation of the meal and she was always asking if I would like to have anything else.

Then she asked when I would like to have it, as I was hungry my answer was now. When the plane started descent, I headed to my seat and enjoyed one of the most scenic approaches I have ever had to Madrid.

What was remarkable about this meal was the service, the purser was very attentive and friendly. The meal tasted good and was enough for me. After that the purser came to explain to me what the menu was like that day and if I would like to eat, to which I said yes.

A friend of mine is an Iberia Express FAso I asked them if they know her, it turned out that the purser did, but she had only flown with her one time.

I found that really disappointing and wanted to make a complaint about that, but my parents were waiting for me in the outside so I decided to make the complaint via Internet.

The plane was briefly docked and we were allowed to leave the aircraft, I said goodbye to the FA at the front galley, and the purser was at the door on the outside of the plane, a nice touch in my opinion.

In this photo you can see Copenhagen in the distance Flight and arrival The crew on this flight was really good, I was impressed by their service.

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One hour ahead of arrival, I decided to have a chat with the crew. When I was finished I was asked if I would like coffee, tea or anything else, I asked for a coke.

Airbus A320 (320) Express

I was given another bag of nuts. The menu was almost the same as on the outbound flight, it consisted of a salmon salad as starter, mushroom pasta as a main, and the same cheesecake for dessert, but this time with peach jam instead of strawberry.

As soon as we reached cruise altitude I was offered a drink from a tray with orange juice, cava or water. I went to the baggage claim area and waited for the bags, they started to come out 15 minutes after arrival, not bad in my opinion, but my luggage took too long to appear in spite of the priority tags.

They were extremely friendly and it was nice to chat with a crew whose members were more or less my age, something that had never happened to me before. I hope to see you soon on board again!Iberia Express is a Spanish low-cost airline owned by Iberia, The new airline began operations with a fleet of four Airbus A aircraft, using a two-class Business and Economy configuration; it was expected to have a fleet of 40 aircraft by Destinations.

Iberia's parent company also operates Iberia Express (I2). A member of the Oneworld alliance, Iberia flies to about destinations in Europe, Africa, the Middle East, Asia, North America and South America. May 01,  · Hello to all! I believe this is the first detailed report featuring Iberia Express' Business Class, you may think that it is pretty similar to Iberia's, but there are some differences.

Much better than what Iberia Express calls business class. Great seat pitch and leg room. Those Recaro seats are usually my favourite on European airlines, but on Iberia Express seat pitch (except for rows 1, 12 and 14) is practically non-existent. So if you're above 1,75meter i wont take this plan.

Iberia Express

With a menu that is a reflection of Spain's gastronomic wealth, a selection of the best wines for the perfect match and the option of relaxing peacefully in our Business Plus bed-seat. Enjoy your in-flight experience. Online seat selection is available when your purchase your ticket and at Online check-in.

Business: Business class travellers on Iberia Express can choose their seats at no charge when they book their flights, without the need of a previously issued ticket.

Iberia express tiene business plan
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