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There are also other significant peace-related bodies of knowledge that have gained such popularity in the West in the relatively recent past that they have changed the directions of thought and have been important in encouraging social movements - yet they have not been analysed in terms of antecedents, especially Gandhian ones.

Papers are also welcomed which focus on understanding the nature and influences affecting policy and strategy change, including technical, attitudinal, institutional, structural and political constraints, including those which provide a comparative analysis.

J Urban Health ; As a Hindu, Gandhi had a strong sense of the unity of all life. Eur J Emerg Med ; This section also welcomes reports on noteworthy developments from conferences and seminars.

Characterizing the emerging population of prescription opioid abusers. Distinguishing signs of opioid overdose and indication for naloxone: The risk—benefit ratio may be acceptable in light of the high incidence of overdose mortality.

Harm Reduct J ;3: A review of the Gandhian literature while keeping in mind the time in which it was written as a reason for anthropocentric expression readily reveals statements such as: Pharmacoepidemiol Drug Safety ; For those who know Gandhian philosophy well, this line of reasoning is readily recognized.

Drugs Educ Prev Policy ; Major increases in opioid analgesic abuse in the United States: J Addict Dis ; Each of these measure to expand access to naloxone should be accompanied by appropriate illicit opioid supply and demand reduction measures.

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The cow to me means the entire sub-human world. These can take the form of a Topical Issues paper, which allows for the expression of reasoned opinion that may stimulate debate.

Naloxone distribution and cardiopulmonary resuscitation training for injection drug users to prevent heroin overdose death: InNaess provided a summary of a lecture given the year before in Bucharest at the World Future Research Conference. Prescription opioid abuse among enrollees into methadone maintenance treatment.

In at least 1 study, however, premature reinjection of heroin was not found to be a problem among overdose patients who had signed out of a hospital against medical advice after being revived with naloxone. Shorter items of between and words are also welcomed.

Evidence also indicates that friends and families of those who use opioids are an overlooked carer population that is in need of training in overdose prevention and reversal. The benefit—risk ratio demonstrated by the existing evidence supports a reasonable case for relabeling naloxone as a nonprescription drug on the basis of these criteria.

Its subject areas reflect the concerns of policymakers in government, management strategists in industry, and the public at large, providing independent, original and rigorous analysis to understand how policy and strategy decisions have been made, monitor their effects, and suggest how they may be improved.

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Petter Næss

They are like two sides of a coin Self-reported overdose among injecting drug users in London: Prehosp Emerg Care ;3: Epinephrine injections are made available as a life-saving measure for people at risk for suffering anaphylaxis, and glucagon injections are provided to diabetes patients in case of severe insulin reactions.

Darke S, Ross J. His concern for Third-World poverty led to the formation of the Technology Group to develop tools and work methods which are appropriate to the people using them. And here the influence of the Mahatma is most clearly discernible.

As a philosopher he researched and was influenced by Spinoza Rothenberg, The years of potential life lost for this group was 6 times greater than in the general US population. Authors are responsible for ensuring that all manuscripts whether original or revised are accurate before final submission.

He shows that, contrary to claims by, for example, Primusthe choice of S encoding is not determined by the total number of proto-agent or proto-patient properties exhibited by an argument; instead, each language selects a single property or group of properties that determines S marking.

However, naloxone precipitates the same unpleasant symptoms that opioid-dependent people are trying to stave off with their opioid use in the first place, except that, with naloxone, the symptoms are more intense.

In the midst of our current epidemic of accidental deaths related to illicit and prescription opioids, however, these restrictions are untenable.

You are not currently authenticated.Journal description. Inquiry was founded in by Arne Næss and publishes scholarly articles, discussions, and review discussions in all areas of philosophy. For that reason, the objective in this article is to introduce three dimensions of fieldwork that enable the sociological ethnographer to unravel the concept and reassemble it for analytical purposes.

Works by Arne Naess (view other items matching `Arne Naess`, view all matches) 90 found. An Interdisciplinary Journal of Philosophy 16 Comments on Genevieve Lloyd's Article. Arne Naess - - Inquiry: An Interdisciplinary Journal of Philosophy 23 (3). Creating "the Field": Glocality, Relationality and Transformativity.

Als zentrale ethnografische Analyseeinheit bedarf "das Feld" einer präzisen Annäherung.

Naess, Arne

the mutually inclusive processes of glocality, relationality and transformativity are discussed as a way to both define and analyze the field. The result is a conceptualization of the.

This article presents a meta-analytic review of differences in communication attitudes between children who stutter (CWS) and children who do not stutter (CWNS). Method To be included in this review, the studies had to include a group of CWS and CWNS between the ages of 3–18 years and a measurement of communication attitudes.

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Naess journal article review
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