Problems related to women s education in india

In that case they have to rely largely on guidance at school. Many other problems are there in our present time like the distance of school and college from house, illiterate family members, child marriage and different social barriers, the problem of co-education, lack of social awareness, social discrimination, lack of trained teachers, examination system defective, monitoring methodology and attitude of young man.

Without girls being involved in the future economy, the government is taking a risk and putting the issue off for another generation. Another anecdote from Pepsi CEO Indira Nooyi recalls how her mother admonished her for not bringing milk for her children on the day Ms.

But in many rural areas, if the child is a girl then there are many hindrances to her access to education in India. Ram Manohar Lohia considered the lot of women to be similar to that of Harijans. However in the middle age, the status of women got down to a great extent.

Adoption of technology Effective use of technological tools in teaching has many benefits. Gap between education provided and industry required education Industry faces a problem to find suitable employee as education provided is not suitable for directly working in industry so before that a company is required to spend large amount on providing training for employee.

Nevertheless, they face distinctive problems that call for special attention. We see women trafficking as a form of modern-day slavery, where people profit from the control and exploitation of others. You can just begin the movement! Parents also do not see the value of educating their children specially daughters who would get married after all and be only housewives.

Women are considered in the society only to perform duties like bring up children, caring every family member, and other household activities.

She will go to some other family. It starts from every home; women education in India can be improved when: They have to live whole life with fear of divorce. All these factors coupled with ignorance, poverty, and mass illiteracy has contributed to the poor progress in women education.

The methods of education had to be so designed that the inherent appeal and the value of education would win for it the loyalty of the pupils and support of the parents.

The ignorance of women and the lack of communication create mental barriers and shunt out a very large percentage of adult women from the outside world.

In other words, the children are educated simply because they are to get some employment. Limited access to laws and rights The laws governing education in India are remarkably similar to the laws of western nations.

Domestic Duty Many societies and a vast population in India still believes that proper place for women is to remain at home, serve the husband and his family and give birth to the children.

If the constitution does not make it clear enough, there is also an article in The Universal Declaration of Human Rights defining that education is a universal human right Universal Declaration of Human Rights, Art Gender issues Traditional Indian society suffers from many kind of discrimination so there are many hurdles in education of unprivileged sections of society like women, SC, ST and minority 7.

She then to achieve her two rolls of wife and mother, and a worker to her country, and she can only do this with the mutual co-operation of educational set up of her country and herself Our girls have all the potential qualities, mental, physical, but these will have to be nourished and cherished until they grow into the full and glorious womanhood.

It is believed that the sons will side with the father in old age and on the other hand after some time the girl will get married.

Also funding is needed to be spend on building infrastructure 4.

Women’s Education in India: Facts and Statistics on Importance of Female Literacy

Steps that are being taken to improve and expand their education will not recede to the background due to lack of finance.The Status of Women’s Education in India There’s an African proverb which goes “If you educate a man you educate an individual but if you educate a woman you educate an entire nation” and this is the single most important thing that our country needs to understand at this moment.

RE: Education in India - Problems and their solutions -NagarajaCG (08/24/18) Sir, I studied my Education Degree from RIE, Mysore (NCERT) during The issues and problems of educations system at the grass root level and at higher education remains almost at the same level except we have become experts in producing.

Women’s education in India is hampered at different stages When the parents cannot afford education for their kids, the son is always given preference over the daughter, if at all they try and send them to school.

Educational problems of women in India. In the report of the committee appointed by the National Council for Women’s Education it was emphatically stated that what was needed to convert the equality of women from de jure to be facto status was widespread education for girls and women and a re-education of men and women to accept new.

Issues and Problems faced by Women in India Essay

Report on Girls’ Education in India Note from the Editor: this report is written by Daljit Singh, Jolkona Office Manager intern, a graduate in political science from the University of Washington. photo credit: Flickr, Simon Tucker Photographs.

A Study on Issues and Challenges of Women Empowerment in India Dr. (Smt.) Rajeshwari M. Shettar Associate Professor, Department of Commerce, Shri. Hurakadli Ajja Shikshan Samiti’s Smt. K. S. Jigalur Arts and Dr.

(Smt.) S. M. Sheshgiri Commerce College for Women, DHARWAD

Problems related to women s education in india
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