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In order to go through this process organizations use marketing tools and tactics to position their products and services to be more attractive than that of their competitors. Without debating on this aspect, it is obvious that the resources available to an organization are necessarily limited and in any case can be used in other activities.

All these organizations have resources which must be used in an optimum manner and wastage avoided. These professional quality supplies will include shampoos, conditioners, hair colors, reconstructions, brushes, combs, and other styling aids.

But the success of the premium article depends upon the wise selection of both gift articles and the specific product that earns premium.

Besides, all these activities must result in profit or a difference between the output and input, i. This fact does not however imply that the other functions of a business are less important, but it can be argued that a strategically managed Sales and Marketing function ensure sustainable top line growth of an organization which is the key to its success.

To an advertising man, it means advertising media selection and a host of activities related to the advertising function. Learn Building up a knowledge database on each customer — is an important aspect that needs to be done at LOOKS as it can create value for the customer and help build the brand-customer relationship.

It did not take much time for Samsung to emulate what Apple came out with and to give a strong challenge. Sales promotion work is conceived of in two different senses.

Apple is a good example of a company that seem to effortlessly dominate the market with the media hype and buzz they create with marketing for any new product launch they do.

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The two-fold functions of consumer education and convincing of dealers are achieved in this effort. This is an indirect method of introducing a new product. Definition of Sales Promotion: It is concerned with identifying existing needs and then converting them into a product or service.

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Marketing and sales are two integral parts of an organization or brand and more often both needs to complement each other for sustained growth. To increase more awareness, printed pamphlets can be distributed near schools, shopping places, amusement parks.

Personal selling or salesmanship is by far the best method of sales promotion. Sales promotion programmes or efforts directed towards the consumers are done with a view to: The success of consumers requires the enlistment of a sufficiently large number of participants, competent judging of entries and absolute fairness to all contestants in declaring results.

The Silver Spring population comprises of different racial people which are Marketing thinking must start even before there is a product. Successful organizations spend a lot of time towards resourcing the brand building initiatives to expand the brand scope.

If the organization is different to the above example, the real value in branding will not be visible to both internal and external stakeholders.Sales staff would expect finance to generate standard paperwork (invoices, statements etc) when they make a sale on credit.

They would want finance to tell them if an existing customer is a bad payer and tell them the credit worthiness of new customers. A salesman understands by marketing his selling activities of oral presentation with a view to effectuate the exchange of money for the benefits offered by his product.

Here is your Sample Essay on Marketing. Article shared by: after-sales service is essential to keep the consumer satisfied and eager to buy again later from the same. How can I write a unique essay on marketing and sales? Update Cancel.

ad by Quora for Business. Marketing & Sales should start with what the customer needs, wants or desires. It's not about which channels to use (except in relation to which the customer uses), or the message or the brand.

Is buying essays online safe? How do I write. Essays Essays FlashCards Browse Essays. * To improve collaboration between sales and marketing, the two parties should agree on critical customer issues such as identification of customer segments and the related needs, buying motives, purchasing processes, and relevant value dimensions within those segments.


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Is there a difference between marketing and sales? If so, what is it? Let us look at this a bit deeper. As we are aware, marketing identifie. sales and marketing Essays: Oversales and marketing Essays, sales and marketing Term Papers, sales and marketing Research Paper, Book Reports.

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