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Scientists tell us that protection of biodiversity and the establishment of parks and nature preservation areas are worthy goals but more must be done to meet our present and future needs. Contest Themes This contest is divided into two themes.

Most of these bees do not live in colonies but are solitary, living in the ground, in tree cavities, or in hollow plant stems. A portion or all of the winning entry may be posted on the RCLA web site. Today we face the danger of losing many ecosystem services that enhance our way of Silent spring essay competition or provide basic, life-sustaining services.

We will acknowledge receipt of your entry. Many are no longer able to maintain these essential services at levels adequate for sustaining our human societies.

Entries must be accompanied by the Official Entry Form.

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Portraying the wonder found in nature requires a focus on the positive, immediate effects it can have on our senses sound, sight, smell, touch during the experience, and where possible on implications for future attitudes about the environment that result from it.

Henry Holt and Co. Rachel Carson writes that bees depend on such weeds as goldenrod, mustard, and dandelions for pollen as food for their young. Oak trees support more than species of butterflies and moths, the caterpillars of which can serve as food for migratory birds and their young.

All work must be original and the photographer must be identified. Each format option can be combined with one of the two theme options, resulting in eight possible choices for a Contest entry.

Ages of all contestants must be listed on the Official Entry Form. Criteria for Judging Entries The criteria on which the entries will be judged include: Submitting Contest Entries Submit your entries via email to rachelcarsonlandmark verizon.

Rachel Carson in her book The Sense of Wonder described how time spent in nature can contribute to the health and well-being of individuals.

Maximum essay length of words; no size limit for the photograph but please send one photo per team. Team members can be relatives or not. Team members can be from the U. The most successful teams tend to be those who venture out together. Recently, many ecosystems have become impoverished by natural habitat degradation, loss of wild species, and toxic contamination.

Submissions may be Individually authored or group-authored.

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Intergenerational Team Members Contestants Entries must be submitted by an intergenerational team of two or more people who are not from the same generation — a younger person and an older person.

Dispatches from the Conservation Revolution. How the Diversity of Life Sustains Us.

At the National Historic Landmark site where Silent Spring was written.

Plants can produce food for bees, beneficial insects, birds, and ourselves if they have healthy soil, clean water, favorable climate, fresh air, and sunlight.

Explain the central ethical concern related to this issue; outline the stakes of this issue, and consider who the primary stakeholders are.

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Restoring ecosystems to health starts with greater public interest in, support of, and knowledge about the living world around us.

Further, the written format seems a fitting way to approach our Contest goals. Wild bees can be important pollinators of crops such as apples, cherries, plums, almonds, blueberries, and alfalfa.Our second annual student essay competition featuring the Common Read! how to write an admission essay korean Silent Spring Essay houston public library homework help dissertation conte philosophiqueBook Reports Essays: Silent Spring Review and Reactiondissertation thesis abstract Silent Spring Essay order essay writing service.

The response to the Silent Spring Essay Contest, offered in partnership with Rachel Carson National Wildlife Refuge, was overwhelmingly positive.

A total of 24 schools and seventh grade students across the state participated. The deadline for submission was December 1, and the Reserve's Education Advisory Committee immediately got to. ESSAY COMPETITION – Silent Spring Essay Contest Posted on January 19, by iseeenviroethics Fifty years ago, the world was rocked by the publication of a quiet tirade against the chemical industry.

Sep 27,  · Silent Spring Essay Contest – - Bienchoisir, conseils travaux, questions travaux, projets travaux. Last week, I drove with Karrie Schwaab (Rachel Carson National Wildlife Refuge) to Yarmouth, Castine, and Holden to deliver the iPad, digital camera, binoculars, and bookstore gift certificate to the top four prize winners in our Silent Spring essay contest.

Essay Contest Our second annual student essay competition featuring the Common Read!

Silent Spring Essay

CSUSM’s top three winners will receive cash prizes and their work will be published online in the Library’s Institutional Repository.

Silent spring essay competition
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