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Please note that Singapore Airlines does not request for payment or fees for the processing of job applications either directly or through its appointed agencies. If you are also looking for an essay which can let you score straight A - than you have come to the right place.

In the dark of night the city of Singapore lights up. It would not be made possible without my RDGI team which is cohesive and nurturing and I was comfortable seeking advice from my managers and my partner whenever in doubt.

Singaporeans dress in clothes suitable for the heat and humidity, wearing T-shirts, shorts and slippers. My job scope included the handling of real accounts and tasks which are normally assigned to full-time audit associates.

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Even though I only joined the team for the final seven weeks, I still felt a strong sense of achievement after the signing-off of my first audit engagement. I developed a better understanding of the career path of an auditor through the internship, helping me to make an informed career decision.

We welcome non-degree holders to apply for these positions as well. Just one in every 10 people own cars due to the expense, many choose the cheaper alternative of traveling by bicycle, on foot, bus, train and taxis.

singapore essay career

However, I was really glad to be given this opportunity as it gave me the chance to develop myself through the various challenges presented to me. I feel that Deloitte places huge emphasis on their interns and one of the ways Deloitte shows their appreciation for their interns is through awarding the Intern of the Week.

I also joined a few IDG basketball training sessions. Apply now Global Offices There are also opportunities available to work in our offices worldwide. However, the seniors and mentors were always ready and willing to give their advice and guidance to help me overcome these challenges.

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We welcome experienced professionals with strong leadership skills, who are seeking to make an impact. With all these takeaways from Deloitte, I am more prepared for working life in the near future.

There were several events that stood out in my 8-months internship - rowing with the Deloitte Dragon boat team definitely topped the list. It was a once-in-a-lifetime experience and I am thankful to have been part of it. We have read literally thousands of essays ourselves during our career; and know what it takes in an essay to get accepted i.

The diverse culture can be noticed when you walk the streets to see mosques, synagogues and churches. The country has been called a society in transition because of the fact that the people who live there do not speak the same language, share religious beliefs or even come from the same culture.

Under the Strategic Risk department, my team and I were assigned the responsibility of conducting analysis on primary and secondary data. I had to multi-task and often, working past the stipulated time to go home. Other Ground Positions With diverse areas ranging from customer services to inventory planning, there are varied opportunities for talented individuals to contribute to the company.

We achieved a respectable position at the annual Marina Regatta race despite being a relatively young team.

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On a more personal level, my mentors really cared for me. The most memorable part of my internship was when my engagement team completed our audit engagement for a major client. They ensured that I got some time to rest after tough periods at work.

At Deloitte, real responsibilities are handed to interns from Day 1 and this is something that I am thankful for as I got to add real value to my team and to experience as much as possible.I developed a better understanding of the career path of an To sum up my Deloitte internship experience in 3 What's life like at Deloitte Singapore.

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Singapore essay career
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