Teacher absenteeism and its impact

In this case, the answers were clear, so my course was clear. I also talked to him about the impact of frequent absences and numerous substitute teachers on the students in his classroom.

Six principals comprise our How I Handled team; two of them are elementary school principals, two work at the middle level, and two are high school principals. We met several times between November and February. All three of us signed the notes from that meeting.

At each meeting, I wrote a summary of his attendance record, noted absences that were excused and those that were unexcused, and detailed what we talked about -- including my warnings that termination action would be set in motion if his attendance did not improve.

I talked to him at length about the need for everyone on our team to work together to raise student achievement, and explained that a weak link in the chain would not be tolerated. At that point, I requested an administrative hearing. I set up an appointment with the teacher so I could express my concern about the impact of his absences on his students and on our school.

I also was concerned that if I did nothing, other teachers might begin to "copy" his pattern of absenteeism.

Anytime a situation such as this one arises -- a situation that might result in the termination of an employee -- two questions always guide my decisions: The teacher promised that he would do all in his power to be in attendance.

That information helped bolster my resolve to address the problem head-on Needless to say, I was very disappointed that his previous principal had not been up front with me about the issue when the transfer was initiated.

We are not a union district, so no union representative was present. I had to act. At the hearing, the employee offered no reason to assume that the absenteeism would be less frequent.

What is in the best interest of the students? One member of our teaching team had been taking an excessive amount of sick time. We discussed the other sick days at great length.

We both signed the meeting summaries. Have I done everything in my power to correct the situation? I learned that absenteeism also had been an issue during his previous assignment.

Because the teacher was a new transfer into my school, one of the first steps I took was to look at his prior attendance record. About the How I Handled When the situation did not improve, I invited the district personnel supervisor to sit in with us to discuss the problem.

Although it was difficult to terminate the employee, it had to be done.Absenteeism is a major problem confronting organisations worldwide. It causes severe hardships to colleagues, usually resulting in the loss of productive hours for the organisation and hindering it from achieving overall corporate objectives.

Absenteeism is very costly since organisations are. Feb 12,  · Teacher absenteeism puts students at a loss. Research shows that teacher absenteeism is becoming problematic, as about one in three miss more than 10 days of school a year.

Report: Teacher Absenteeism Can Hurt Student Achievement.

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Many teachers missed 18 or more school days, or about 10 percent of the school year. Measuring the Effect Teacher Absenteeism Has on Student Achievement at A states that teacher absenteeism has a direct impact on student achievement.

Current trends of This chapter is dedicated to the review of the literature on teacher absenteeism, its components, and its effect on. the impact of teacher absenteeism on student achievement: a study on u.s. public schools, using results of the civil rights data collection.

and its impact on teacher’s absenteeism relation to teachers in private engineering colleges while considering the sources of job satisfaction and the relationship between absenteeism and job satisfaction.

[16] 2. JOB SATISFACTION Job satisfaction is the topmost important target for the process of making total.

Teacher absenteeism and its impact
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