The issue of high salaries of professional athletes

Owners argued that free agency would allow the richest teams to acquire a disproportionate share of the playing talent in the league. If one examines the spending patterns of most people, however, one finds that perhaps the fears that individuals have their priorities in the wrong place are unfounded.

However, to an economist this disparity is explained by the law of diminishing marginal utility. This brings us to spending on education versus spending on professional sports. Competitive balance would be destroyed, driving weaker franchises out of business. The idea was not outlandish.

Along these lines, cap proponents often argue that financial restraint is necessary The issue of high salaries of professional athletes keep franchises — and their valuable brand identities — afloat for generations.

This provided owners with a huge bargaining advantage. How much would you pay for that lifestyle? So what can we do with all of this information? Producers of items needed for the production of consumer goods will find it rewarding to produce those items only if consumers value the final goods enough to pay for the resources and work necessary to create them.

Teams have also been building bigger stadiums and arenas to fit more fans, which boosts revenue and in turn increases players salaries. He or she may also be expected to pay the league additional fines.

Athletes' Salaries Too High? Sports Fans, Blame Yourselves

In basketball, teams with more salary disparities win more games. With more years of retirement ahead than a typical year-old, players are forced to make their once impressive paychecks last a lifetime, and with mortgages and other expenses, many are unable to make it work.

There are very few players under the age of 32 who still play in the league. Are salary caps necessary? Players challenge this clause in the sand owners offered many of the same arguments then that they do today about salary caps: In football, the money that teams can offer players falls into two categories: As sports have become more lucrative, salary caps have increased: There are a number of reasons why the Forbes number is consistently too low.

In largely restriction-free English soccer, there is a vast graveyard of defunct clubsmany of which spent themselves into oblivion.

The best lecturers may speak before a few hundred listeners, and most teachers teach 25 students or so at a time. So while salary caps are hotly contested, we can offer some answers to the questions that motivated this article.

Other studies have shown that salary caps have effectively promoted competitive balance and concluded that forbidding leagues from operating as a single entity would hurt revenues. In a free society the proper remedy available to those who deplore smoking or are convinced that their fellows should buy fewer Britney Spears CDs and more Bach is to persuade others of their beliefs.

Value, they astutely pointed out, is determined by the usefulness of the marginal available unit of the item in question, or marginal utility. Studies have shown that baseball teams that have more players with comparable salaries win more games. If they truly valued education more than professional sports, teachers would be paid more than professional athletes.

11 Things You Might Not Know About Athlete Salaries

Although the first game would be entertaining. The key difference between sports and other industries is that competition is the product that leagues sell. One could also ask whether sports franchises should turn a profit at all, given their status as luxury toys for billionaires.

Not Immune from Error It is true that consumers are no less immune from error in their choices of what to buy than are producers in their choice of what to make.

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Producers face costs in providing a good, and if they estimate that buyers will not pay at least enough for their output to cover their costs plus some profit, the good will not be produced.

Some sports prohibit teams from releasing injured players until they are cleared, and as long as the injury was sustained during sport-related activities, the team is obligated to pay.

In negotiating salary caps, most leagues split mandatory sport-specific revenue roughly between owners and players. Far from being an indication that people are worse off, the explosive growth in the salaries of professional athletes, as well as the overall surge of professional sports, demonstrates that individuals—including teachers—have become more prosperous.

Listing education spending has two drawbacks.11 Things You Might Not Know About Athlete Salaries. which boosts revenue and in turn increases players salaries. 8. TAX PREPARATION FOR ATHLETES IS MUCH MORE COMPLICATED. Professional.

For Argument's Sake

Do Professional Athletes Get Paid Too Much? Professional athletes often earn salaries in the millions—but those salaries can fluctuate wildly depending on the athlete and the sport. Are these sky-high salaries reasonable compensation for the grueling physical exertion and risk of injury that come with playing a professional sport?

Apr 18,  · I am a senior editor at Forbes and focus mainly on the business of sports and our annual franchise valuations. I also spend a lot of my time digging into what athletes earn on and off the field of. High. Logistics Specialist - Hourly. Explore Pro Athlete Salaries See Pro Athlete Hourly Pay, or check out salaries for Pro Athlete Internship.

Pro Athlete Salaries by Location. Kansas City, MO; Check out the latest Pro Athlete Jobs & Careers. Work at Pro Athlete? Share Your Experiences. Breakdown of Professional Sports Salaries and its Issues One-fourth of the head coaches in the NFL make more than $6 million a year.

Coaches in the NFL earn much more than coaches in other professional sports. Why do the billionaire-owners of professional sports teams get to have salary caps for their employees?

In Data We Trust. Content Bootcamp Data Studio Tracker Data Visualization Are Salary Caps for Professional Athletes Fair? Share. Tweet. Editors note: This guest post was written by Jim Pagels. this. In a completely free market, high.

The issue of high salaries of professional athletes
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