The psychological and emotional effects of abortion in teenagers

The reasons are many and varied.

Abortion Complications

The abortion rate in the U. These are some of the reasons women choose abortion: Psychodynamic thinkers have described adolescent pregnancy as a symbolic struggle between the desire to mother and the need to be mothered.

Teens are also more likely to report having wanted to keep the baby, higher levels of feeling misinformed in pre-abortion counseling, less satisfaction with abortion services and greater post-abortion stress.

Psychological Effects of Teenage Pregnancy

If you are using abortion as birth control, you are encouraged to rethink your sexual decisions. Compared to women who abort at an older age, women who abort as teens are significantly more likely to report more severe emotional injuries related to their abortions.

Psychiatric history Nature of illness symptoms, diagnosis Precipitants stressors, losses. Pros and Cons of abortion attribute positive and negative emotional and psychological consequences to abortion.

Women who undergo late-term abortions often delay having the abortion precisely because 1 they have mixed feelings about the decision or feel less satisfied with it, 2 they have religious or moral objections to abortion, or 3 they have a more favorable attitude toward the unborn baby than women who have abortions in the first trimester.

Women who have abortions are more likely to experience ectopic pregnancies, infertility, hysterectomies, stillbirths, miscarriages, and premature births than women who have not had abortions.

Complications of Late-Term Abortions The Centers for Disease Control has reported that 30 percent of teenage abortions occur at or after 13 weeks gestation, compared to only 12 percent of abortions overall. Promiscuity in itself can carry a heavy emotional and psychological price tag for both the girl and the boy.

January 3, About Abortion One of the most fiercely debated social issues faced today is abortion. University of Nebraska Press What they found [in the New Zealand study]was that women who were mentally stable before abortion were still more likely to experiences mental health problems after abortion.

A woman may be depressed, guilty, or angry. In contrast, those intending to continue pregnancy wanted to take on the responsibility of parenting. Suicide - Compared to pregnant women who had their babies, pregnant women who aborted were times more likely to die of suicide.

Psychological Consequences of Abortion among the Post Abortion Care Seeking Women in Tehran

Download and share our Teen Abortion Risk fact sheet. In ancient Greece also, philosophers had accepted abortion as a permissible act to put an end to an unwanted pregnancy or to control population. This leaves them feeling guilty, angry, and remorseful Table 1 demonstrates the distribution of the respondents in different hospitals.

Historic responses to stress and adversity inform caregivers about what may be in store. For how long do females grieve after an abortion?Objective. Abortion either medical or criminal has distinctive physical, social, and psychological side effects.

Detecting types and frequent psychological side effects of abortion among post abortion care seeking women in Tehran was the main objective of the present study. Women with a past history of abuse or mental problems as well as women with a lack of support, conflicting belief systems or those in their teen years are at an even higher risk for developing psychological problems following an abortion.

the emotional effects of abortion that had been published in English between and Most of the studies in the AMRC’s rigorous, systematic determine the psychological effects of abortion (Koop, ). This. Teens have greater difficulty coping after abortion, 27 leading to problems such as suicide, psychological problems, substance abuse, and difficulty in relationships Negative effects on relationships and parenting.

Compared to older women, teens are more likely to abort because of pressure from their parents or sexual partners, putting them at higher risk for adverse psychological effects after abortion. Teens are also more likely to report having wanted to keep the baby, higher levels of feeling misinformed in pre-abortion counseling, less satisfaction with abortion.

Physiological and Psychological Effects of Abortion on Women Introduction There are many arguments surrounding the abortion debate. An issue dealing with abortion that has not been explored very thoroughly is the issue of Post-Abortion-Syndrome.

The psychological and emotional effects of abortion in teenagers
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