Why i want to be a medical assistant

It was my biggest mistakebut also my biggest learning lesson. Also, I guarantee that medical records stay safely locked away from unauthorized individuals. Training In most states, you can become a medical assistant with only a high school diploma or the equivalent.

Working face-to-face with patients and with their dedicated physicians can be both encouraging and inspiring. This question should be used to show the interviewer what you bring to the table.

What You Will Learn The extent of training for medical assistants varies from state to state and from one school to another as well. And if you do opt to earn your CMA accreditation, that credential will follow you wherever you go. With that in mind, I am willing to accommodate so that I can work the times that are most convenient for you all.

Why I Want to Be a Medical Assistant

MA jobs are projected to increase by 29 percent throughaccording to the U. You can work in a variety of different settings Where there are physicians, there are also medical assistants who help them make things happen.

Bureau of Labor Statistics. This is vital because it could lead to lawsuits.

Why Choose to Be a Medical Assistant?

I believe I have found the perfect balance between the two. Considering a fresh start in a new state? Be honest with this question. This hasty growth can likely be accredited to the Baby Boomer population, who are now requiring more medical attention as they age.

Newly hired graduates usually learn through on-the-job training in topics such as medical vocabulary, office procedures and coding methods. How do you protect the rights and confidentiality of patients? It is highly coveted and will permanently mark you as a professional in your field.

9 Notable Reasons to Become a Medical Assistant Now

As ofthe greater Los Angeles area had nearly 24, medical assistants, and the New York City area had nearly 13, However, instead of focusing on the negative explain how you learned from your mistake.

Department of Labor it is one of 8 specialties in the health care field that is growing rapidly and should continue to do so.

But the decision is ultimately yours. The interviewer wants to be assured that you can be flexible with their needs and are a reliable candidate. That means you will likely work a predictable work schedule, leaving plenty of time to enjoy much-needed time with the family.

Make sure it is a trait that directly relates to the job description. This article was originally published in September Use this question as an opportunity to show the interviewer you know your priorities.

Medical assistants are actively working in a number of different healthcare venues: Opportunities for Advancement Once you become certified as a medical assistant, your key to advancement will be completing additional training.

Medical assistant job interview questions

In hospitals, in clinics, in private practices and in ambulatory care. What You Should Know Typically, schools in the United States that offer courses for medical assistants provide hands-on experience in working with patients, along with training in the classroom that they will apply on a daily basis in the future.

Ashley Robinson When interviewing for a medical assistant position, you really want to do everything you can to let the interviewer see how organized, responsible, and friendly you are.

I would have to say that is one of my more notable strengths. You can work anywhere The skills of a medical assistant are in demand in hospitals and clinics across the country. Industry and Employment Locations Medical assistants can choose from a variety of work environments and locations.

The transition to electronic health records will also increase the demand for assistants with knowledge of new computer programs. High school classes in biology, chemistry and other sciences are helpful.

Building your skill set through medical assisting is a great place to start. For example, I make sure that patient interviews are conducted in private. There is a need for surgeons, nurses and medical assistants alike 24 hours a day, days a year. In addition, according to projections by the U.

In some states, assistants need special schooling or an examination to do clinical work, such as preparing blood samples. We know that your family is your first priority, and for that reason, you want to be absolutely sure about your intended career before investing the time, money and effort of a degree program.

The years and money that often get poured into earning a degree can seem burdensome in a number of ways.4 Reasons to Become a Medical Assistant.

April 21, Do you want a career where you can really make a difference? Medical assistants are valued members of the modern healthcare team, helping to improve patient care and the lives of others. Training. In most states, you can become a medical assistant with only a high school diploma or the equivalent.

Why I Chose to Become A Medical Assistant Essay

High school classes in. Why I Chose Medical Assisting There are many reasons that I decided to begin the journey of becoming a Certified Medical Assistant - Why I Chose to Become A Medical Assistant introduction.

For instance, one reason I chose medical assisting is because there are so many available career opportunities and options available for career. Name of author: Why I want to be a Medical Assistant? Medical assistants are health care workers who help healthcare professionals in administrative and.

I chose to be a Medial Assistant for many different reasons. The first reason that comes to my head is that I love to help people.

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Why I want to be a Medical Assistant - Essay Example

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Why i want to be a medical assistant
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