Writing on a recycled paper promoting

Looking back at old characters and themes can tell you a lot about who you are as an author. There may be few original ideas left, but your personal take on them is original.

Combine ideas Why recycle one idea when you can recycle two? Depending on how the swapping process goes, you could end up with male and female versions of the same character, or two entirely separate male and female characters.

Sometimes, an idea only realizes its potential when faced with fresh constraints. Old ideas may hold the secret to a new bestseller.

Or some black comedy to your thriller? Spending a little time in your writing past might help shape your writing future, not least because there are some amazing tools back there, just waiting to be used.

Followed by some closer scrutiny if needed: Well, maybe a new trend has emerged, and you need to get started right away in order to tap into it. Like Ben and Jerry flavors, not every new or unusual combination will work, but the ones that do could be bestsellers.

Is there a common theme in this idea that keeps recurring in your writing?

How And Why You Need To Recycle Writing Ideas

Changing the intended format of your idea could help you to see it in a whole new light as you reshape it to fit a different set of constraints. Or a play that could become a novel?

You could even ask yourself, as Meyer might have done, whether you were really following the most interesting character. How can you recycle writing ideas?

Share your opinions and observations below. Click To Tweet Alternatively, adopting a multi- or cross-genre approach could also be an interesting way to recycle writing ideas. For example, turning an idea intended for adults into one for children might produce a more unique, boundary-pushing story than if children had been the original target audience.

This kind of problem is down to execution.

Unimaginatively titled, but apparently well-received. Maybe a novella that could become a comic book script? There may be some truth to this, but if it does work, it works on an audience who already love you.The ink bubbles are then skimmed of the top and the fibres are processed into recycled paper (newspaper, for example).

This might be a nice little project, but I doubt anyone has the stamina to make recycled paper at home. Some come from companies promoting their own products, in hopes they won't have to change.

Recycling requires investments that It takes more chemicals to make recycled printing & writing paper than to make recycled corrugated or paperboard packaging.

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Writing on a recycled paper promoting
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